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Hannah McBride

Regional Project Manager

Hannah graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University in 2019 with a Major in General Studies of Arts and Humanities and a Minor in Art. At a very young age, Hannah's journey with hospice began. She was a volunteer for many events. In 2015, she had an opportunity to be a Medical Records Clerk. Then, in 2019, Hannah was offered the role of being the Regional Project Manager. This allows her role to reach all 3 locations: Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Plaquemine. 

Her new responsibilities allow her to create committees and hold meetings with employees in the offices, pertaining to events at Bridgeway including: conferences, grand openings, celebrations. She is in charge of doing these projects and events to make sure that they become a huge success not only to Bridgeway, but to also everyone who attends. Ensuring that each project is complete and done perfectly for great success is her specialty. 

Furthermore, Hannah is in charge of all social media involved with Bridgeway. Her goal is to promote & help grow Bridgeway to let the world know about hospice in the most fun, positive, and creative way possible.

"I love Bridgeway Hospice as a whole. Every single person that I work for is honestly a piece of why Bridgeway is amazing. I have never met a group of people who are so kind, sweet, and thoughtful about the patients and the families. Bridgeway Hospice is a family-based business. With my mother, Dana McBride, being the CEO, she truly inspires me every single day. Without her confidence and kind-heart of creating and building up this company, I would not be where I am today. With being an employee at Bridgeway, I have realized that someone is always there to put a smile on your face and help in any way possible. Bridgeway Hospice's quote is Creating Moment's that Matter and that is exactly what this company does every moment of every day."

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