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Hospice is a program of care for terminally ill persons which helps families take care of their loved ones at home, allowing that loved one to pass peacefully, with dignity, among family and friends.  Many people feel anxious about caring for a terminally ill person at home.  You many have no experience in this kind of personal care or perhaps you have worked in the medical field but find the care a challenge.  Our hospice program was developed to assist and support patients and families through this experience. 
At Bridgeway Healthcare and Hospice, our team members focus on the individualized needs of the patient and their loved ones, offering them a choice. We provide services in the Home, Nursing Facility, Assisted Living Facility, or Independent Living Facility.
The care and service offered by Bridgeway is the treatment of symptoms associated with the hospice diagnosis with a focus on an overall improvement of quality of life.  As one nears the end of life and modern medicine and treatment are no longer an option, our team can be there for you to provide comfort and companionship.
Bridgeway offers many services which include, but are not limited to:
         Expert Nursing Care available 24/7/365 for emergencies
         Pain and Symptom Management                      
         Psychosocial and Spiritual Support
         Pharmacy Services available 24/7/365 for emergencies
         Physician Services        
         Nurse Practitioners 
         Therapy Service (Physical,Occupational and Speech)  
         Volunteer Support           
         Bereavement Counseling
         Certified Nursing Assistants
         Registered Dietitians
As part of the hospice plan of care, medications related to the primary hospice diagnosis and those for pain and symptom management also related to the primary hospice diagnosis are covered under the hospice benefit, as approved by our clinical director.
Medical equipment, such as wheelchair, walkers or oxygen are available to meet the comfort and individualized care needs of our patients. 
Comfort care is important to us.  Medical supplies necessary for the management of incontinence and palliative wound care are available, as related to the hospice diagnosis.
**All services subject to program limitations
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