Grief Support
Bridgeway Healthcare & Hospice strives to provide the highest quality, comfort-oriented care to our patients and their families by providing individualized care through spiritual, emotional and physical involvement. We strive to empower our patients and their families to live with dignity and comfort as they face life limiting illness.  At Bridgeway we believe information and education are  integral components of empowerment. 

As the final weeks and days of one’s life approach, we are sometimes frightened and confused.  In the weeks and months following the loss of a loved one, the grief reaction can become intense.  Bridgeway has specialized, trained staff available to assist you with sorting out your feelings.  You may consult our staff by calling the local office:  Baton Rouge: 225-753-1495  
                                                                          Lafayette:     337-232-5925
Support group meetings are held weekly to offer and lend support to family members who have lost a loved one.  The meetings are free and open to the community at large.
 WEEKLY SUPPORT GROUP MEETINGS                                    
BATON ROUGE LOCATION                                     LAFAYETTE LOCATION
When:   EVERY THURSDAY                                      When:  EVERY TUESDAY
Time:    6:00pm to 7:00pm                                     Time:  10 am - 11 am
Where:  Bridgeway Hospice office                           Where:  Iberia Medical Center
             13702 Coursey Blvd, Suite 5B                                  2315 E. Main Street 
             Baton Rouge, LA  70817                                          1st Floor - Classroom A
                                                                                          New Iberia, LA  70560
To find out more about attending our support group meetings, please call our office. 
Five Wishes Booklets
“Five Wishes” is a resource that enables you to express how you want to be treated if you are seriously ill and unable to speak for yourself.  It helps structure discussion among families and physicians and addresses medical, personal, emotional, and spiritual needs.  Booklets can be obtained in our office or ordered online at www.agingwithdignity.org.
Hard Choices for Loving People by Hank Dunn
“Hard Choices for Loving People” offers reliable medical advice and thoughtful, honest answers dealing with life-threatening illnesses and end of life decisions.  It addresses CPR, artificial hydration and nutrition, hospitalization, ventilators, dialysis, antibiotics, pain control, and hospice care.  These booklets can be obtained in our office or ordered online at www.hankdunn.com.
Journey’s End - A Guide to Understanding the Final Stages of the Dying Process by hospice nurse, Deborah Sigrist, RN, BSN
“Journey’s End” is a booklet about changes that occur to the whole person as death nears.  It is meant to normalize the dying process while maintaining the mystery and sacredness of it.  These booklets can be obtained in our office or ordered online at www.centering.org.
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